Unconscious Bias 2.0 is an e-Learning course that familiarizes learners with the concept of Unconscious Bias and its impact in the workplace. Learners are immersed in a simulated environment as a newly hired employee beginning in an organization. Each visit on the orientation tour gives learners the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in recognizing and mitigating Unconscious Bias.

Learning Objectives include:

* Defining the terms related to the concept of Unconscious Bias

* Identifying the filters through which learners view and interpret themselves and others

* Exploring patterns of evaluating other people based on one’s own cultural background

* Examining areas where unconscious perception and culture can potentially impact beliefs

* Applying this new knowledge to everyday work experiences

Unconscious Bias 2.0 is formatted as a self-paced online course with 7 modules that can be purchased either as (1) a full course and post assessment in one SCORM-wrapped course, (2) all modules and post assessment as individually-wrapped SCORM-compliant courses, or (3) singular modules with the Welcome module. The course is available in perpetuity under enterprise agreement if course files are deployed on client’s Learning Management System (LMS). Unconscious Bias 2.0 can be customized for an additional cost.