Virtual Keynote

Understanding Everyday Bias





We invite you to participate in the Understanding Everyday Bias keynote to uncover how hidden biases in our everyday experiences affect our perception of the world and the workplace culture inside organizations.

The Understanding Everyday Bias virtual keynote gives the opportunity for groups of all sizes to learn about our unconscious bias content with interactive videos, virtual activities, and open discussion.

Engaging and Sustainable

Through a series of exercises, the Understanding Everyday Bias virtual keynote introduces learners to the effects of unconscious bias and quick judgments happening around them.

As participants learn to recognize how and why bias happens and how this impacts business performance and workplace experiences, they will also begin to practice strategies for mitigating this bias both individually and organizationally.

Accessible and Versatile

This keynote is ideal for a wide range of industries and audiences, from leaders and managers to individual contributors. It is well-suited for stand-alone sessions, all staff meetings, conferences, and conventions.

Its 90-minute duration is ideal for keeping a large number of employees engaged in conversation around unconscious bias, and the virtual format is especially accommodating for remote and dispersed team members.

Key Learning Content

Through lecture, video, and interactive virtual engagement tools, participants will:

  • Develop a sharper lens for recognizing what bias is, where our biases come from, and how bias operates in the brain
  • Hear the business case for mitigating bias and learn examples of how bias can impact workplace decisions and culture
  • Practice exercises that will show how quickly and easily we make judgments about others
  • Explore how you can successful mitigate bias both individually and organizationally

Understanding Everyday Bias Virtual Keynote Learning Objectives

Explore and experience how bias functions in the brain, shaping our perception of reality

Recognize the negative impacts of bias and the business imperative to mitigate it


Learn strategies and display self-motivation to take action to mitigate bias in the future

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